About the Artist

I am a freelance artist and graphic designer with a degree in graphic design. I live in north Florida with my sister and three bossy kitties. I spend most of my time working on my art, honing my "craft", learning new skills, and drooling over the art of other people whom I am very jealous of and hope to be like someday. My main medium is digital art using Photoshop, but I also sketch and I'm learning watercolors. In the past I've painted with oils, and made my own jewelry using precious stones and gold wire. I've also created custom made teddy bears with one of a kind wedding dresses on them. Basically I've always been creative, it just took a while to discover it should be my career.

I worked for 12 years at a big national bank and was, for the most part, happy doing it, but in my free time I created things. After moving from my hometown to north Florida, I had the opportunity to go to school for graphic design, and I grabbed it with both hands. Since graduating, I've worked as a freelance artist, which most people know of as "starving artist". It's really true. We artists are the dreamers and creators, the "music" of everyday life, and the ones who will tell the future of the past. Unfortunately we don't get paid very well, and jobs are sometimes very hard to find, but I wouldn't change what I do for anything else in the world. I'd rather scrape by financially and be happy then have my life pass by in a moment slaving for someone else.

Who else can say they dream and fantasize for a living?